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Clients Testimonials

Clients with whom I have worked have kindly shared their thoughts on our sessions, what they achieved and changed as a result of online therapy and how they plan on developing post-therapy.

These testimonials are anonymised (or given a pseudonym) due the confidential nature of the therapeutic relationship.

Adam, UK (pseudonym)

"I can’t express how much you have done for me over our time together. I had been in a worrying place for a long time but with your help I have felt more myself again.


I was always really impressed with how listened to me talk for quite a long and uninterrupted period, but then summarised the issue perfectly in a way that was a lightbulb for me.


From the bottom of my heart thank you. "

Anna, UK (pseudonym)

"I am so glad I took the leap and looked for counselling, and very grateful that it was with Irina. I was unsure about how well online counselling would work, but I felt at ease, and that we had a good rapport and working relationship

Irina was really supportive and allowed space and time to explore and work through things that came up, she was very skilled at suggesting the right tool at the right time, and also at knowing what to look more closely at. I went into counselling feeling a real weight on my shoulders due to various things going on in my life, I felt out of control and had a lot of anxiety. 

The sessions have given me back self confidence, something that has been buried for a long time. I feel more myself than I have in a long time. The sessions helped me understand some stressful relationships in my life a lot better and I learnt how to have clearer emotional boundaries

I am truly grateful for the experience and how much it has helped me, and I would highly recommend Irina's services."

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Eva, Netherlands (pseudonym)

"I chose to start my sessions with Irina for several reasons: her professional specializations, and empathy, since I felt she would understand me better.

She helped me understand and face a series of quite important events that came together (pandemic, moving to a new country, work overload, etc.) and that somehow were blocking me, falling into a kind of burnout or depression.


She also helped me realize that I need to learn to set limits, that I should not be so self-demanding and allow myself a little more, that there are more things in life than work."

Sandra, España (original)

"He tenido sesiones semanales con Irina durante un año a través de videollamada.  Me siento muy agradecida por el espacio tan seguro, cercano y a la vez profesional que me ha ofrecido. Acudí a ella por la sobrecarga emocional que me suponía una situación que era y sigue siendo complicada.


Gracias a los avances en terapia, a día de hoy está situación no me genera ansiedad, ni inestabilidad, ni sufrimiento. Y todo ello  gracias al trabajo realizado en terapia, semana tras semana, reafirmando pensamientos en voz alta y conclusiones que me han ayudado a avanzar hasta el punto de no padecer.


Irina con su gran empatía, sus palabras siempre tan adecuadas y su poder de síntesis sobre las reflexiones que yo iba haciendo, me ha guiado hasta este punto de bienestar.


Ha sido fundamental y genial poder contar con ella!"

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Sandra, Spain (translated)

"I had weekly sessions with Irina via video call.  

I am very grateful for the safe, close and professional space she has offered me. I came to her because of the emotional overload of a situation that was and still is complicated. Thanks to the advances in therapy, today this situation does not cause me anxiety, instability or suffering. 

And all this thanks to the work done in therapy, week after week, reaffirming thoughts out loud and conclusions that have helped me to advance to the point of not suffering

Irina, with her great empathy, her always appropriate words and her power of synthesis over the reflections I was making, has guided me to this point of wellbeing.


It has been fundamental and great to be able to count on her!"

Lydia, España (original)

"Hacer terapia con Irina ha sido como encontrar un espacio de tranquilidad. Me ha ayudado a comprender mejor mis emociones y a ser mas tolerante conmigo misma.


Es una persona maravillosa que me ha transmitido paz en un momento confuso de mi vida."

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Lydia, Spain (translated)


"Doing therapy with Irina has been like finding a space of tranquillity. She has helped me to understand my emotions better and to be more tolerant with myself.


She is a wonderful person who has given me peace at a confusing time in my life."

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